--In Oscar Wilde’s clever story Lord Arthur Savile’s Crime (1887), Lady Windermere introduces Lord Arthur Savile to a palm reader who predicts that he will commit a murder. Wilde’s play Lady Windermere’s Fan (1892) is a comic satire on the morals of Victorian society.
--In G.B. Shaw’s humourous novel Cashel Byron’s Profession (1886), Cashel falls in love with the immensely wealthy Lydia. But he has to hide his profession from her.
--In Colm Toibin’s biography Lady Gregory’s Toothbrush (2003), the eponymous heroine collects Irish folklore around 1900, stimulates W.B. Yeats and other writers, and founds the Abbey Theatre to stage their plays.
--James Joyce’s A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1916) is an autobiographical Bildungsroman about Stephen, born in 1880s Dublin. The writing style becomes more sophisticated as Stephen grows up and becomes intrigued with theology, philosophy and aesthetics.
--Maeve Binchey’s Heart and Soul (2008) s a generous, warm novel about sympathetic people working at a heart clinic in Dublin and other people.

We’ll discuss the texts. We’ll amuse ourselves reading together Wilde’s play Lady Windermere’s Fan and watch a film adaptation. We’ll also do some poetry and matters relevant to English Literature.

Material: 10 euro for handouts with information about authors, poems , and relevant matter.

12 lessons: 19-9; 26-9; 10-10, 24-10, 7-11, 21-11, 12-12 in 2011.
9-1, 23-1, 6-2, 20-2, 6-3 in 2012

De lessen worden 1 keer per 14 dagen gegeven in het Vucaskantoor.

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