Dublin and Irish Writers

A history of “the A history of “the Emerald Isle” and the charming and architecturally attractive city of Dublin will be given in our first lesson. Pictures will visually complement the words.

In our second and third lessons, we’ll discuss the Novel Prize winner W.B. Yeats (1865-1939). We’ll discuss Yeats’s autobiographical text Four Years, listen to his key poems being read, and read passages of his Celtic plays..

In our fourth lesson, James Joyce (1882-1941) will be the subject. Joyce said that his story collection Dubliners (1914) forms “a series of chapters in the moral history of the community”. Ulysses is, of course, inescapable, but far too complex to discuss fully.

Material: 8 euro for handouts.

4 lessons of 2 hours: 3/4, 10/4, 17/4 and 24/4 2012.

Dr. Ada Louise van Gastel (0251-310963) is gepromoveerd in de Engelse taal en letterkunde en werkte vele jaren op Amerikaanse universiteiten. Ze is auteur en publicist en geeft cursussen aan verschillende instituten in Noord-Holland
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